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Two-Note Bends (Wed, 25 May 2016)
Bending two notes at a time is an art form many guitarists don't try to conquer. But in this lesson you'll see how there is really no mystery to it.
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Using 10ths to Break Up the Monotony (Wed, 25 May 2016)
When first hearing the term “tenth” in music, it may seem baffling, but it’s simply a way to tell you that we have now jumped an octave over the initial eight notes of the scale. It’s really an interval in 3rd that now contains a note that is substituted by a higher or lower note, octave-wise. This is how a 2nd can become a 9th, for example. In this case, a 3rd becomes a 10th. This is just some basic theory dealing with the mathematical relationships of notes.
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